Make your website profitable

The number of Internet users in Angola is growing steadily. Having a website is increasingly important to any company, angolan or not, to reach new clients. But this exceptional tool isnt always used to it's full potential.

Any website must be regarded as an investment, with clear goals, not as an ornament. Some managers sometimes dont realize this. They think of their website, like a portrait to hang in the wall. From time to time, they have the vague feeling that it needs to be changed, and repeat the same errors, over and over again. This way, instead of a source of revenue, their websites become a recurring source of expenditure.

At Corinje Consulting, we think differently. Whenever we start a new project, we try to answer several key questions:

1. What is the website's main objective? Selling products or services? Generating leads? Improving customer relations? These objectives determine everything from the design, to the back office.

2. Who is the target audience? New or current clients? Companies or the general public? What are they looking for? Each target audience requires a different approach.

3. What kind of information will it have? Text, images, videos? Will that information be updated regularly, or not? Be realistic: there's no point in having a "News" area, if you're not going to update it.

4. Will the website be managed by your company's staff? If so, their skills and web experience must be considered.

5. Are there any useful references? Researching competitors and examples - without copying them - helps to determine the project's scope, and to avoid common mistakes.

Once the website is finished, its time for phase two: making it work for you. You should put it in your company's business cards, your ads, and send it to all of your contacts. Think of your website as a door open for 24 hours, to all the world. This door should be visible at all times.

There's also plenty to do online. Besides advertising in search engines and relevant websites, you can develop partnerships, exchange links, and a lot more.

Finally, and most importantly: measure the results. How many visitors do you have, where do they come from, how many pages do they visit, and which ones? How many leads come from your website, on each month? How many new clients does it bring you, or how many existing ones does it help you to improve? Is your website profitable? If not, why? Measuring the results, is the only way to know this.

A website is a virtual asset, but it can bring you very real results. Companies that use their websites well, are already aware of this. You can count on our team's experience, to get the most out of your website.