Our technical web consulting services include the planning, implementation and maintenance of:
- websites (institutional, product catalogues, online stores, etc).
- wireless and cable networks.
- hardware: Windows and UNIX servers, and workstations.
- software: operating systems and productivity tools.
- intranets: files and applications sharing.
- extranets: access to external files and applications.

Our creative web consulting services include the planning, implementation and maintenance of:
- corporate image and design, design guidelines and stationery.
- websites (institutional, product catalogues, online stores, etc).
- newsletters.
- other communication tools: Christmas cards, seasonal campaigns, etc.
- massive email marketing.

Trust our team's experience, to help you choose the best marketing solutions.


For us, web design is more than just having a website that looks nice. Many sites look nice, but simply dont work. Our goal is to make customized projects that not only look nice, but also bring results.

To achieve this, our webdesign has to meet several goals:

1. To be useful to the client's objectives - for example, an institutional website or an online store, a large company or a small company, its target audience, and its scope of business - only Angola, outside Angola, etc.

2. To be fast and intuitive - nobody likes to waste time, and your clients are no exception.

3. To be original and attractive - your website conveys YOUR image: make it memorable.

4. To be technically valid - it must appear correctly on the main search engines, and screen resolutions.

Corinje keeps a permanent team of webdesigners, both in-house and freelancers, to execute all kind of tailor-made projects, to any kind of business.

We dont use templates - all of our projects are custom made, and each of our designs is unique.

After the creative phase, we also ensure that all our projects meet the web standards recommended by W3C, including valid XHTML and CSS.


Any website should be measured by its results. To ensure the return on your investment (ROI), its important that you leave this task to professionals. At Corinje, our priority is to turn your website into a source of revenue.

We specialise in:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
All our projects are carefully planned and implemented to maximize their indexation by search engines. This is done at 3 levels: 1) Website architecture; 2) Code optimization; 3) Content optimization.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing
Apart from SEO, we have experience in the management of paid search engine ad campaigns (Google, Sapo Portugal and Sapo Angola, among others), and other revelant websites (portals, newspapers, etc). Depending on each project, we can also use partnerships, link exchanges, directory submissions, etc.

Email Marketing
A direct email is sent to a list of emails, that may or may not know your company. It can be a very effective way to reach a target audience, with low costs. Corinje takes care of the layout and the send-out of your campaign, providing detailed reports. Please note: we never, under any circumstance, deliver SPAM. We have a strong policy against SPAM, and take harsh measures to avoid it.

A newsletter is a commercial or informative email, that is sent periodically (from every week to every two months) to a list of subscribers. New subscribers can add themselves at any time, by filling in a form at your company's website. Its a very useful tool to get in touch with potential and existing clients, and keeping your communication always up-to-date.

Site Targeting
Banners and other creative pieces in relevant websites.


We specialise in software to be used on the web, such as dynamic websites, and all sorts of web apps. Our programming skills make the most of LAMP technology: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

A dynamic website can be updated by the client at any time, even without much technical knowledge. The client can manage products, news, text, images, etc. The main advantages of a dynamic website are:

- compatibility: it can be updated from any PC with an internet connection, throught a web browser.
- autonomy: it can be done anytime, anywhere.
- security: access to the back office is secured by an encrypted password.
- lots of information: it can have as many as you like, organized and easily accessible.
- user management: its possible to set admin privileges for specific employees/site areas.
- a lot more features: advanced searches, related products, recommend a specific product or service to a friend, among many other features that a static website usually does not allow.

If the website also allows to purchase a product or service online, e.g. through credit card, it becomes an online store.


We develop online stores, either custom-made or adapting several Open Source e-commerce applications available in the market.

An online shop may include online payments through credit card, or simply accept orders to be paid later, offline - either by bank transfer, or upon delivery, etc. Not only it becomes a direct source of revenue, but it also provides logistical support, facilitating orders and added service to your customers, with very low costs.

Online payment through credit card is possible through several payment gateways. We regularly work with Paypal and UNICRE (currently only available in Portugal), among others.

In the website's back office, you'll be able to manage: products, clients, orders, delivery costs, payment methods, discounts, newsletters, among many other features.

We also provide digital security certificates, usually provided by Thawte, to ensure your clients that all private data is safely encrypted.


We provide professional web hosting services, in our own web servers, within the largest Data Centre in Portugal (Lisbon). All of our servers use UNIX (Linux) technology.

Besides your website, we can host your company's customized email addresses, with Webmail access. This allows you to manage your email accounts from any computer with an Internet connection. You can read and send messages without losing any information, because your messages are kept in our server.

We can also provide dedicated UNIX / Linux servers, with our without technical support, and fully customizable to fit your company's needs.

Our servers' specs:
- Dual e Quad Core CPUs, regularly updated.
- 1Gb / 2Gb RAM.
- 100Mbits Bandwidth.
- Daily, weekly and monthly backups.
- Administration panel: allows you manage email accounts, site statistics, etc.
- 24h / 365 days Assistance, with backup power, permanent security, and access control.

If you need a professional web hosting solution, consult us.


We can register your desired web domain, be it .COM, .PT, .EU, .AO, or many others.

Our prices are the following:
- .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO domains: 35 USD / 25 EUR
- .PT domains: 45 USD / 35 EUR
- .EU domains: 50 USD / 40 EUR
- other domains: please consult us.

Please note: a .PT domain can only be registered by a company or trademark in Portugal, which name meets the desired domain name. If this is not possible, we suggest an alternative .COM.PT domain.


A company's corporate image defines how that company is perceived, by its potential customers and the public in general. Most successful companies have a strong corporate image, that sticks in our memory: Coca-cola, Google, Nike, etc.

Our team of designers can create or renovate your corporate image. We create logos, stationary design (company letters, business cards, invoices, etc), uniforms, and vehicle design (cars, trucks, etc)..

We can also create your company's design manual, with all the guidelines to ensure the consistency and coherence of your corporate image, in all future applications.