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Web design

For us, web design is more than just having a website that looks nice. Many sites look nice, but simply dont work. Our goal is to make customized projects that not only look nice, but also bring results.

To achieve this, our webdesign has to meet several goals:

1. To be useful to the client's objectives - for example, an institutional website or an online store, a large company or a small company, its target audience, and its scope of business - only Angola, outside Angola, etc.

2. To be fast and intuitive - nobody likes to waste time, and your clients are no exception.

3. To be original and attractive - your website conveys YOUR image: make it memorable.

4. To be technically valid - it must appear correctly on the main search engines, and screen resolutions.

Corinje keeps a permanent team of webdesigners, both in-house and freelancers, to execute all kind of tailor-made projects, to any kind of business.

We dont use templates - all of our projects are custom made, and each of our designs is unique.

After the creative phase, we also ensure that all our projects meet the web standards recommended by W3C, including valid XHTML and CSS.