Professional Web Hosting

We provide professional web hosting services, in our own web servers, within the largest Data Centre in Portugal (Lisbon). All of our servers use UNIX (Linux) technology.

Besides your website, we can host your company's customized email addresses, with Webmail access. This allows you to manage your email accounts from any computer with an Internet connection. You can read and send messages without losing any information, because your messages are kept in our server.

We can also provide dedicated UNIX / Linux servers, with our without technical support, and fully customizable to fit your company's needs.

Our servers' specs:
- Dual e Quad Core CPUs, regularly updated.
- 1Gb / 2Gb RAM.
- 100Mbits Bandwidth.
- Daily, weekly and monthly backups.
- Administration panel: to manage email accounts, site statistics, etc.
- 24h / 365 days Assistance, with backup power, permanent security, and access control.

If you need a professional web hosting solution, consult us.