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Web marketing

Any website should be measured by its results. To ensure the return on your investment (ROI), its important that you leave this task to professionals. At Corinje, our priority is to turn your website into a source of revenue.

We specialise in:

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
All our projects are carefully planned and implemented to maximize their indexation by search engines. This is done at 3 levels: 1) Website architecture; 2) Code optimization; 3) Content optimization.

SEM - Search Engine Marketing
Apart from SEO, we have experience in the management of paid search engine ad campaigns (Google, Sapo Portugal and Sapo Angola, among others), and other revelant websites (portals, newspapers, etc). Depending on each project, we can also use partnerships, link exchanges, directory submissions, etc.

Email Marketing
A direct email is sent to a list of emails, that may or may not know your company. It can be a very effective way to reach a target audience, with low costs. Corinje takes care of the layout and the send-out of your campaign, providing detailed reports. Please note: we never, under any circumstance, deliver SPAM. We have a strong policy against SPAM, and take harsh measures to avoid it.

A newsletter is a commercial or informative email, that is sent periodically (from every week to every two months) to a list of subscribers. New subscribers can add themselves at any time, by filling in a form at your company's website. Its a very useful tool to get in touch with potential and existing clients, and keeping your communication always up-to-date.

Site Targeting
Banners and other creative pieces in relevant websites.