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Web software

We specialise in software to be used on the web, such as dynamic websites, and all sorts of web apps. Our programming skills make the most of LAMP technology: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP.

A dynamic website can be updated by the client at any time, even without much technical knowledge. The client can manage products, news, text, images, etc. The main advantages of a dynamic website are:

- compatibility: it can be updated from any PC with an internet connection, throught a web browser.
- autonomy: it can be done anytime, anywhere.
- security: access to the back office is secured by an encrypted password.
- lots of information: it can have as many as you like, organized and easily accessible.
- user management: its possible to set admin privileges for specific employees/site areas.
- many more features: advanced searches, related products, recommend a specific product or service to a friend, among many other features that a static website usually does not allow.

If the website also allows to purchase a product or service online, e.g. through credit card, it becomes an online store.